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Freesky Aviation was established in December 2011, is a profeesional business jet company, specially provides the special private plane VIP services for private VIP members, and also provides a new service mode, the most distinguished and efficient service mode of airline service for VIP members. It has hosting service as well for those enterprises and successful people who own airplanes at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Freesky Aviation increases their service to develop general aviation operations, including aerial photo, aerial survey and so on.

City Introduction

As the capital of China, Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities, with a 3,000-year history and 11 million people. Covering 16,808 square kilometers in area, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the People's Republic.


The long history leaves Beijing abundance of historical and cultural heritage that represents treasures from the city\'s civilizations.Today, the old city walls have been replaced by ring roads, and many of the old residential districts of alleys and courtyard houses have been turned into high-rise hotels, office buildings, and department stores. Beijing, a dynamic city where the old and new intermingle, remains a magnet for visitors from inside and outside China. Also, you can find all kinds of Beijing snacks and flavor food from all of the cities of China. Beijing thrives today as the political and cultural capital of China as well as a center of international activity and an important socialist base.


As Beijing has been confirmed home city of Olympics 2008, the spirit of "green Olympics, scientific Olympics and humanized Olympic" brings more and more changes to Beijing, promote the development of sports and Olympics in China as well as in the world, and strengthen the friendly communications between Chinese and foreign people.





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Step3. Start Fly in China

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