Pilot Recruitment Roadshow in Sao Paulo on 8th&9th of June

 FRI will hold the Pilots Recruiting Roadshow in Sao Paulo, Brazil from June. 8th -9th! Now we sincerely invite you to attend!


Hot Position:

Shenzhen AirlinesB737 Captain & A320 Captain. Salary up to $231,600 USD/Year

China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu: A320 Captain. Salary up to $241,200 USD/Year

Spring Airlines: A320 Captain. Salary up to $250,000 USD/Year


Shenzhen Airlines

Shenzhen Airlines, the 5th biggest airlines in China, which has over 150 aircrafts (B737 and A320) now. Good management, flight security, quickest hiring process and wonderful location (near Hong Kong) , all of these make foreign pilots gather together in Shenzhen Airlines. Currently SZA owns biggest foreign pilots group in China with more than 120 foreign captains.


Minimum Requirements for B737/A320 captains:

√ 3000+ hours total flight time

√ 500+ hours PIC on B737/A320/A319/A321

√ Current on type within 15 months

√ No older than age 55

√ ICAO level 4

√ Medical Class 1

√ No history of incidents or accident

√No Criminal History


1.   Schedule:







June. 8th


 June. 9th



Sao Paulo

Meeting Room of the Brazilian

National Flight Crew Union

Tel: +55-11-5531-0318
Add:  Avenida Washington Luis, 6817-room101- Sao Paulo








2. Book a seat:  

Want to join us?

Please fill in the form as below and send it to info@chinaflightcrew.com before June. 5th to book a seat!  


Type Rate

Attend Date


Phone No.







3. Roadshow agenda:

1. Presentation 9:00-12:00AM

From the presentation, you will know:

- Details of the different airlines companies salary and benefits

- Working environment

- Living environment

- Screening and Registration Procedures in details

- Services of FRI


2. One to one Q&A and CV check 2:00PM-4:30PM

If you hope to have the CV checked and approved and get VIP suggestions on screening and registration, please bring your CV and docs as follows :


1) ATPL with ICAO level (Both front & back pages)

2) Your passport with photo page

3) First Class Medical Certificate

4) Last 6 pages of your Logbook (With your hand-writing signature and the PIC time on it)


4. Contact Us

Tel: +86-755-29982850
Skype: ChinaFlightCrew

We really appreciate you if you share this information to your friends who may concern.


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