Let’s go to have grass skiing!
On July 13th 2013, FRI organized an outdoor activity to go to Guang Ming Farm, which is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen. 8 foreign friends from 4 pilots’ family participate in this activity, including 2 cute babies, one is Italian Captain Roberto’s 4-year-old son, another is French Captain Jean-Paul’s one and half year-old daughter. We wished everybody can close to nature and relax our body through the outdoor activity, meanwhile to provide a paradise for the babies to have fun.
Carefully prepared for the activity
Before the activity, Ingenuity, FRI staff designed a special cap with FRI’s logo, and presented to everyone who joined our activity, the cap will not only protect us from the July’s hot sun, but also make us like a team and leave a wonderful memory of today as a souvenir.
On the joyful bus to the farm
On the way to Guang Ming Farm, FRI staff introduced the schedule of the activity and invited everybody to introduce himself/herself briefly, for everyone’s knowing better with others in the group. As we expected that all the persons became friends soon, foreign pilots and their family members chatted with each other happily on the bus. It filled with laugh in the happy bus.
Characteristic Big Lunch
When we arrived at the destination, we had a big local farm lunch together. Faced with the most characteristic dish Guang Ming pigeon, Captain Jean-Paul and Heinrich couldn’t help but glut themselves with delicacies. What’s more, we had many fresh ecological vegetables like sweet potato, corn and peanut, as well as the Guang Ming yoghourt. There was no doubt that the foreign friends were the most eyesight attracting in the restaurant, especially the cute babies. Many Chinese friends invited them to take pictures together, and smilingly, they accepted the invitation with pleasure.
Adventurous activities
After the lunch, we went to the Grass skiing park and experienced the exciting mock skating, grass skiing and so on, then in another resort Agriculture Park we saw herds of cows and thousands of flowers and plants. What’s more, the cute baby of Italian Captain Roberto’s experienced the artificial feeding of the little cow with small feeder. He was so happy to see the animals and couldn’t help but said a chain of Italian, but nobody could understand what he said except his mother.
Why we organize the activity
At 4:30pm, we finished our journey and went back to Shenzhen. This activity has enhanced the friendship between FRI staff and foreign pilots. After the activity, many pilots sent emails to FRI to thank for our invitation and expressed their happy emotion in the activity.
We know foreign pilots are a special group in SZ Airlines, and how to improve their sense of belonging and happiness is what we should think about. Also, to make them happy and feel at home when living in China is the best wish and impetus of our effort!
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