FRI visits the foreign captain Roberto Romano

 FRI’s foreign captain Roberto Romano, who used to be a captain for Italian Air Force, had ever driven for Italian President. Now, he is an A320 captain of Shenzhen Airlines. What surprised us once again was that, his beautiful wife Claudia, turned out to be a helicopter captain. We could not help wanting to ask: how is the life of this “double captain” family in China?

No holiday in Rome 
Rome, also called "eternal city", was an ancient city of European civilization. It still retains the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the St Peter's Cathedral and the baroque style of Renaissance, which attract visitors from all over the world to come to search for the beauty and romantic in "Roman Holiday”. Roberto just came from this charming city. He joined the air force since his 21st year until March 2013, totally 14 years. During the long age in air force, he had experienced the hard military training, had taken countless emergency flight, and had driven the plane for the President. Life was fast and busy. 
Claudia, our heroine, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, was a helicopter captain before May 2013. It is hard to connect this petite and fair young woman with a captain who operates the controller, owns strong mentality and flies chicly in the sky. However, seeing the picture of Claudia, where she stood wearing the captain uniform on the apron together with Roberto, we could say nothing but “cool” to describe her.
The destiny of “double captain” couple is there’s no holiday in Rome. They were so busy all day along, thus their 2-year old son Flavio had to be kept in kindergarten. Like any other women in the world, Claudia knew as a mother and wife, she should give more love to her child and contribute more to her family. So, when Roberto came to Shenzhen Airlines in March 2013, she left her company and brought the little Flavio to Shenzhen. Here begins their new journey in China.
New life in China
Now, Roberto is already appointed as the Captain for Shenzhen Airlines and has been working here for months. When asked about the reason to come to China, Roberto told he wants to get more international experience to enhance his career. Much more, he can share more time with his family. As for the difference between Italian Air Force and Shenzhen Airlines, Roberto said in Shenzhen Airlines he can know the roster in advance but in air force almost all the flight were emergency. Besides, what impressed him a lot is that the first officers in Shenzhen Airlines are very young but they learn very hard and concentrate on safety. 
Claudia finds another sky after she left the cockpit. She likes reading. Now she has enough time to do it. “Sorgo Rosso”, wrote by Mo Yan -- the Chinese winner of Nobel Literature Prize, in which Mo Yan describes the story in North China during the Anti-Japanese War, is the book Claudia is reading recently. Just in this way, Claudia tries to learn more about Chinese culture and history. She also likes to go to play tennis in Shekou. Her partner probably be a Chinese, a Italian, or people from other countries. Anyhow, tennis brings her chance to communicate with others, to know Chinese culture. But sometimes, she still misses the days of flying, and she told she wants to get back to fly after Flavio grows up. 
Flavio is now 3-years old. With dad and mum’s love and more company, he is now growing healthily and happily. Roberto and Claudia like to call him “Panda” as they wish him as happy as the cute panda in China. They even plan to go to watch panda in Sichuan province. In their house we could see lots of small toys of plane and car all over the sofa, maybe Flavio wants to also be a captain in the future, but Roberto said “he can choose the career he likes if only he is happy”. Claudia told they want a daughter more so that she can play the Barbie doll, go shopping and dress up together with her.
Shenzhen impression       
Speak of their impression of Shenzhen, Roberto and Claudia told they like Shenzhen a lot because of the clean air, the beautiful parks and the convenient facilities in the housing estate, such as swimming pool and kindergarten. In Rome, they had two cars and one motorbike, while in Shenzhen they only get two bicycles, but the happiness is double because the metro in Shenzhen is very convenient. With two bicycles, they can reach each corner in Shekou in the bright sunshine of Shenzhen. The comfortable and cool breeze when riding along the Shenzhen Bay is what they had never enjoyed before in Rome.
 “There are also many similarities between China and Italy”. The pronunciations of "mom” and “dad" are the same in Chinese and Italian. Chinese like noodles and the most famous food in Italy is Italian pasta! “But compared with Italy, the food culture in Chinese is so splendid through the different geographical and ethnic.”
As for the next step of life plan, Roberto told he wants to experience more Chinese culture by traveling around China with Claudia and Flavio, and Claudia wants to learn Chinese by enrolling a Chinese school. Anyway, their Chinese journey has just begun, and we wish they can move further and further….
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