An interview on FRI foreign pilot - Jose Piva

Shenzhen Airline’s Brazilian captain Jose Piva, who came from a beautiful jungle in Brazil, joined Shenzhen Airlines in 2006 at the first time and rejoined Shenzhen Airlines in 2011 on the second time, this experience even confirmed Piva’s right choice to join Shenzhen Airlines. On August 2013, Piva represented FRI to have a road show in Brazil and earned big success. 

Piva’s jungle cottage in Brazil
Piva’s hometown is located in Canela, which is a small town in Brazil, attracted a large number of tourists every year by its original beautiful ecological scenery, such as the Karakol waterfall, straight cliffs, lonely roads, as well as free haunted giant lizard. Deep in the jungle, an open green lawn is dotted with a red tile cottage, which is Piva’s home, surrounded by green trees and winding rivers, consistent with all our fantasy of "Xanadu".
From the quite jungle to the busy city, there is no stop of life journey
How do they adjust themselves to the busy city of Shenzhen when out of the jungle in Brazil? Piva told me that before 2006, he worked in Varig Brazilian Airlines, and met his wife Simone, who was the flight attendant on the same flight. It was a romantic love story but the company’s bankrupt in 2006 made Piva’s life into trouble. At this time, Piva’s old friend Umberto Dalpian – who had already worked in Shenzhen airlines, strongly suggested Piva to come to China. So, Piva followed his suggestion and came to China with his wife and 1 year-old son. During these years, Piva was excited with every completion of Shenzhen’s new buildings and shopping malls, because it was completely different with the living environment in Brazil. In 2009, Piva went back to Brazil to work in Azul Brazilian Airlines for the homesick when he finished 3 years contract with Shenzhen Airlines in 2009. But this was not a right choice because this company not only delayed on the salary but also confused in the management. In 2011, Piva went back to Shenzhen Airlines with the help of FRI’s recruitment staff.
After all these difficulties and hardships, Piva eventually found that Shenzhen was the best balanced city for both working and living: We enjoy the life here without violence, even we go out at night, we needn’t to worry about robbing, very safe and suitable for living.
Meanwhile, Piva like photography and travel very much, they had traveled around Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Canada, France and Germany with his precious Canon 5D Camera, and had made record of many happy moments and shock beauties with it.
Piva represented FRI to have the road show in Brazil
Piva was the second foreign pilot to have the road show in overseas represented FRI. “Shenzhen airlines indeed a good company for work, as I was also introduced by my friend to come here, so I would like to let more pilots know about Shenzhen airlines and come to Shenzhen. Meanwhile, it started to bring in foreign pilots since 2002, and have accumulated a set of management experience through these 10 years, which was also an advantage over other airlines beyond comparison.
Piva used his annual leave when back to Brazil to have two road show separately in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo, which attracted 38 Brazilian pilots in together to attend. About their most concerned question--the resettlement of the family, such as the lifestyle in China, the house renting and children’s education, etc., Piva answered according to his own experience: Shenzhen is a beautiful city, which is very safe and convenient, and the Chinese are very friendly.
Piva and his family member’s Chinese life
Piva’s wife Simone liked cooking very much and the open kitchen was a stage for her. They also brought BBQ grill to make Brazil Barbecue on the balcony in Shenzhen. Piva’s 8 year-old son Pedro had shoot for many magazines’ cover since 6 year-old by his handsome face. This cute boy inherited mother’s big and bright eyes and had showed talent on medicine science. Piva predict him to be a doctor in the further because he was so interested in how the medicine came into effect in the human body. In Canela, Piva even had planted a lot of trees around the cottage, which now already been forest, Piva said with a smile: “We can cut and sell these trees to get the college tuition for my son Pedro when he grows up.”
As they never went travelling together to other city besides Shenzhen in China because of Piva’s busy flight, next step they planned to travel in China. For this family, the journey of life never stopped and we believe they would go further and further! 
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