All my efforts are to make you happy - visit to Captain Ramon Eric Chavez from Mexico
Ramon Eric Chavez, who is from Mexico, A320 Captain of SZ Airlines, joined SZ Airlines two years ago. His 6 years’ old daughter Samy participated on this June 1st “Children’s concert of SZ airlines”, and was named of “-The most cute baby” for her outstanding performance. In order to better know her growth environment, FRI paid a visit to Ramon’s family. During the interview, this 38 years old young captain showed thoroughly his love to his families, from which we saw his responsibility.
Karate wife and “double trouble” kids
Samantha is Ramon’s wife. It’s hard to imagine that this tender lady with long skirt turns out to be a karate black belt, she got Mexico karate champion at the age of 10, and ranked 5th on the world karate competition at the age of 21. Then she became a flight attendant and met Roman on the same flight, handsome captain and beautiful flight attendant falling in love with each other at the first sight. Ramon said he is a person without patience, but is very gentle to his wife,” I dare not to disobey to her, because she is karate black belt, she will fight me!”
And, there are “double trouble” in Ramon’s family, Samy and Eric, a pair of intimate and rivaling sister and brother. Samy is 6 years old, studying in Funful school located in Futian district. She has half day English and half day Chinese class, so Samy is good at three languages—Spanish, English and Chinese. Meanwhile, Samy goes to Weiya International Art School to study dance every week. She ever represented the school to have a lot of performances in shenzhen as well as in Beijing CCTV. On “June 1st children’s concert” of SZ Airlines, Samy’s humorous interaction with the host and hot performance made her the most outstanding baby on the stage. "Samy is an artistic type who is interested in singing, dancing and drawing. She knows how to use different languages when talking with people from different nationalities." Said Samantha. "But 4 years old Eric is a sports boy, who likes basketball, swimming. Daddy is his idol, he dreamed of being a pilot like his father." Said Samantha. And during the interview, I have also found that in front of my camera Samy always keep a charming smile, while his brother Eric often make face, perhaps this is a difference between artistic type and sports boy.
All my efforts are to make you happy
On Feb 2011, Ramon and Samantha firstly came to China for SZ airlines’ screening. In the daytime, Ramon went to have screening, Samantha traveled around Shenzhen with a map alone. Then in the late afternoon, they came back to the temporary hotel to share the experience. ” I like this city very much and I want to live here, so you should hurry up to pass the screening.” This is what Samantha told Ramon that time, which motivate Ramon a lot. ”Even if I passed the screening and would stay in Shenzhen, if only my family members have no understanding about the city or do not like this city, all my efforts are meaningless.”Ramon explained why he brought his wife to China together during the screening. “If you want to improve the passing rate of the screening, let the pilot brings his wife! Wife will give him a lot of motivation as well as pressures, he can’t fail the screening.” Ramon joked.
I want to be with my family every spare minute
“I seldom went travel with my family together, because the lack of consecutive off days. The only chance was that Samy was invited to go to Beijing to participate in a CCTV program, we decided to go there together. But unlucky I had a flight that day and delayed for 6 hours, so I failed to catch up with them.” “This is not the complaint but my regrets on little time to accompany with my family. My first contract will be finished on next Sept, I will choose 5 consecutive days off benefit on my next contract year to have more time to go travel togther.”      
Have an gentle but confused mind
When asked about the most impressed thing in these two years working in SZ Airlines, Ramon said with smile: "Nothing is more impressive than the Chinese medical check, which is so strict that all the pilot are scared of it", but Ramon said: "As I can't change the policy, then I can change the perspective, the periodic medical check lets me know my physical condition in time, whether I need to lose weight or do exercise more, I will be conscious to keep my body at the best condition."
Referring the cultural differences with Mexico and China, Ramon said:” Both China and Mexico are historic countries with splendid civilization--eastern civilization in China and mayan civilization in Mexico. Compared with Mexico, China is much safer. In Mexico, almost everyone holds a gun, which let people feel deeply insecure. But here in china, even if I’m walking on the street on 1:00am, I don't scare about someone may stealing or robbing on me. So it’s very suitable for living as well as for children’s growth.” But one thing Ramon confused is: "why everybody drive so fast on the street in China with the horn ear-piercing, is everybody so busy in such a hurry?"
At the end of the Interview, I invite Ramon to take a short video for FRI, however, this dauntless man who have shouldered a heavy burden of the family becomes a nervous and shy boy. Then I say goodbye to them, surprisingly Samy and Eric come to me and give two sweet kiss on my both cheek. Seeing such a warm and happy family, we wish them a consistent happy life in China!
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