FRI organizes an exclusive interview for “SZ Airlinesers” on Juan Hernandez - the 1st foreign pilot who makes roadshow representing FRI

 Captain Juan Hernandez, who was born in a Mexican family of pilots, joined Shenzhen Airlines in 2010. During his past 3 years in Shenzhen Airlines, he received honor such as “Advanced Individual”, “Most Popular Foreign Pilot”, “Longest Flight Hour of 2012”, etc. In April 2013, he pioneered the form that foreign pilots represent FRI (Flightcrew Resources International) as well as Shenzhen Airlines to recruit foreign pilots, giving a recruiting road show all by him alone in Mexico, which got huge success…

“SZ Airlinesers”: We know you’re the first foreign pilot that represent FRI as well as Shenzhen Airlines by yourself to go to Mexico to have a road show, so when and how did you come up this idea?
Juan: I need to go to Mexico to renew my flight license, then when I was taking a shower actually, I came up a good idea, that since I’m going to be in Mexico, I can make an interview or presentation for a lot of Mexican pilots, then I can help to bring more pilots to Shenzhen Airlines. That’s how I came up a good idea.
“SZ Airlinesers”: Can you briefly introduce the processing of the roadshow? There must be many challenge as well as difficulties?
Juan: It wasn’t easy. I got a full support from FRI team. Everybody, Bessie, Cathy, Tim, Wendy, Anita, Alisa, everybody helped me a lot. Thank them very much. Also, I want to thank Mexican college pilots. They helped a lot. They let me use their meeting room and everything to offer a good place where I can give a presentation for the pilots. We’re about, I’m not very sure, but around 25 pilots (attended the road show).
“SZ Airlinesers”: I can imagine the pilots must have asked many questions on the road show, so what’s the question they most frequently asked?
Juan: I think the question they asked most is “Are you happy?”
“SZ Airlinesers”: Not the salary, not the contract, but “Are you happy”?
Juan: Yes, of cause everyone wants to know how they can apply for Shenzhen Airlines’ job, as they know Shenzhen Airlines is a big company, they know many advantages of Shenzhen Airlines, but the question they most concerned is” Are you happy?”
“SZ Airlinesers”: So, Are you happy?
Juan: Of cause. I’m happy. Why not? I spread my happiness in China to the pilots in Mexico. In fact, there will be 2 pilots coming to Shenzhen Airlines for the screening next month.
“SZ Airlinesers”: How’s your life in Shenzhen?
Juan: Very nice. I love Shenzhen. I think it is a very livable city. You can do many things here. The weather is very nice. Sometimes it rains like today, but most of the time the weather is very nice. I like it.
“SZ Airlinesers”: During your working in Shenzhen Airlines, we know you have won honors such as “The most flight hour award”, “the most popular award”, “the advanced individual award… How do you feel about these honors?
Juan: Yes, it’s important for me to have those awards, which reflect how happy I am as I’ve told you. I always try to make a safe flight, and at the same time, I try to enjoy every flight in China. (Bashful smile)
“SZ Airlinesers”: Have you heard of the earthquake happened not long ago in China?
Juan: Yes, I’ve heard of this bad news. In fact, in 1986, there was also a big earthquake in Mexico, and my family was living there, so I can completely understand their sorrow. I hope people from Sichuan Province can overcome the difficulties and pain soon.
“SZ Airlinesers”: I heard you can speak a little Chinese. In the end, can you say something in Chinese to the readers of “SZ Airlinesers”?
Juan: “hi,大家好,五四青年节快乐。”
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