FRI organized a beach journey to Xunliao Bay

Wonderful two-day trip

The sunlight shined in Shenzhen eventually after nearly one month of raining. On 13th April, FRI (Flightcrew Resources International Limited) organized a two-day beach journey to Xunliao Bay, Guangdong Province. We invited two newly registered pilots to join us, one was Captain Douglas Kirk Bales from America, and another was Captain Makulla Heinrich Stefan from Germany. They were both the first time to participate in FRI’s spring outing activities.
During these two days’ trip, we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, fresh air, soft beach, comfortable hot spring, splendid flower sea as well as delicious Chinese food. Everyone was so happy because of the beautiful nature and mind relaxing.
America Captain Douglas Kirk Bales: I like the lovely people here!
Daug is one of the funniest captains in FRI, whose favorite Chinese food is hot pot, the excited spicy always made him cry but happy. For most other foreign pilots, it’s hard to learn Chinese, but Daug could not only speak Mandarin but also Cantonese. The 3 Chinese words he liked to say most is: Da Pian Zi (Cheater in English), Bu Hao Ren( An unkind person in English), Tao Yan( I hate you in English), which always making us burst into laugh. About this journey, he said: I’m so glad to have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful trip with all the lovely people from FRI. The fantastic food and Chinese culture impressed me most. If you are still wondering whether to join FRI, join Shenzhen airlines, I’d like to say it’s a very good opportunity for you to make a choice, the package is good and the most important is that people here are friendly.
Germany Captain Makulla Heinrich Stefan: I’m proud to be a member of FRI family
Heinrich just passed all the flight check and signed contract with FRI on 10th April, he was so exciting along the trip and said:”I didn’t expect the weather turns out to be so good today and I can’t express how happy I feel. The journey was amazing very nice. I enjoyed the time with the staffs in FRI and I’d like to tell everybody that I’m proud to be a member of FRI family as well as Shenzhen Airlines!”
FRI: We wish every pilot feel like home here!
FRI often organize colorful activities with our foreign pilots, such as spending the Lantern Festival in Splendid China, holding the carnival party, climbing mountain and so on. We believe it can strengthen the friendship between FRI staffs and foreign pilots outside the work, attracting more captains to come to Shenzhen Airlines, meanwhile reducing the Brain Drain of Foreign Pilots. The most important: We wish every pilot feel at home here!
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