Walk up to foreign pilot - inverview on Captain Martin Rosdahl from Sweden

Martin Rosdahl, recruited by FRI, who is one of the most youngest Sweden Captain in Shenzhen Airlines, with handsome face, deep blue eyes and big warm smile. He is not only the fully-deserved Metrosexual Man but also the embodiment of Youth and Energy. His colorful life is envied by a lot of person while his enthusiasm embraces everyone as seasons in the sun.

Cultural difference, No problem!
Martin’s hometown is Sweden, but before joined Shenzhen Airlines most of time he flied in Italy, during these period he has been to America for study. And now, he is flying in China! No matter is the culture of Roman or the night life of Hong Kong or China Taobao online shopping, he can adjust himself to different culture environment quickly and enjoy them from the heart. Therefore, cultural difference is not a problem at all but a magic journey to explore a foreign culture!
It’s my life, it’s my style!
Martin likes traveling a lot, since he came to China in January 2012, he has traveled over Shenzhen, Beijing, Guilin, Yunnan and Henan. What’s more, he even makes video by himself based on the traveling record, with bright background music and witty words, so that whenever someone watches it feels like they were there with him in that video. Meanwhile, he showed us all kinds of souvenirs he brought back from the places he has been to, such as tea, embroidery sofa Pillow, even distinctive Lei Feng Cap, all displayed on the cabinet as his treasures.
Martin is good at billiards and Ding Junhui is his super idol. From the video he made 3 holes in one, which dumbfounded us by his brilliant skill. Besides billiards, he likes F1 more than you can imagine, dynamic and full speed, he enjoys every minute of the rhythm of youth. What’s more, skiing, golf, bicycle, it seems like that he is an expert in all these exercise, we can easily see his splendid life as well as the big smile from his pictures.
Meanwhile, He likes to play Wechat, just as many Chinese people like to play Wei blog, sharing his traveling experience, delicious food he has tasted as well as the mood label.
When we were wondering why his life is so colorful, Martin smiled:” Life should be like this, isn’t it? “ Simple words perfectly shows his free and easy.
Pure and kind-hearted big boy
In our former impression, Martin must be a play boy who has such a handsome face. While during the interview we found out that this 32-year old man turned out to be a pure and kind-hearted boy.
Martin’s Iphone was stolen and the thief was still using his WeChart which made Martin has no choice but to buy a new iphone and made a new Wechat Account. However, the funniest thing is his old phone has the photo stream, it uploads all the pictures automatically to his Macbook, so he could see all the pictures taken by the thief from his computer, even the thief’s wife and kid, seems like they are migrant workers in Shenzhen. FRI staff joked:” Watch out! We have got your secret!” And Martin also shouted: “Yes! I can send you to the police!” and after one second he smiled: “But, I won’t do that!”
When FRI staff invited him to take a video just simply describe his life in China, Martin suddenly became nervous and said:”Please give me a few minutes” then went to the balcony to think about it, his earnest and funny expression made us couldn’t help laughing.
I’m single, but not lonely
Martin is still single now. When asked about his standards for choosing a girlfriend, he smiled and said: I like independent, social and active girls. It's important to me they have their own interests and are passionate about life.” “So will you consider getting a Chinese girlfriend?” “Yes, of cause! There are some very beautiful cabin crew in Shenzhen Airlines. They are generally polite, traditional and tentative which are good qualities for women to have. If possible, I will not miss it!”
As the captains we interviewed in last two month all have settled down in Shenzhen with their family, we asked Martin if he felt lonely to live alone here, Martin smiled: “Of cause sometimes I miss my family, but I’m very happy working here, it is relaxed, Shenzhen Airlines does not spare any resources on safety and maintenance and we get looked after well. I have my own friends and colorful life which made me very happy. Single doesn’t mean lonely!”
After finish the Interview, Martin accompanied us to go to the Shenzhen Bay to take photos, What impressed us the most was that many people waived their hands and said hello to him. It seems that this sunny boy’s friendly has infected many people, ranging from the neighbours to the bar salesgirl. But frankly speaking, who can refuse the warm smile from this energetic and enthusiastic boy?
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