Walk up to foreign pilot - inverview on Captain Ismael Lopez Lorente from Spain

Spainish captain Ismael Lopez Lorente, got to know about Shenzhen Airlines when FRI had the Road Show in Europe. He is the first Spainish pilot in FRI family and loves photography very much, especially the black-and-white photography, we can easily see his colorful life through these pictures.

we made a right choice to come here Shenzhen!
The first time we met Ismael was in Spain. In April 2012, the Spanair was about to go bankrupt,which means many pilots would lose their jobs. FRI immediately went to Spain to recruit the foreign captains. On the Road Show, Ismael was quite interested in Shenzhen Airlines, and asked a lot of questions about the living and education in Shenzhen. After that in June 2012, he came to Shenzhen Airlines to have the Screening and sucessfully passed Medical Check, Theory test, Simulator and ATPL Test, signed contract with FRI in August 2012 and was appointed as A320 Captain on January 2013.
When asked about why did he choose Shenzhen and Shenzhen Airlines, Ismael smiled and said, “the showing video of Shenzhen Airlines was so attractive that caught my eyes on the Road Show.As the southern city of China, Shenzhen is next to Hong Kong, is international with comfortable climate and green enviornment. What’s more, Shenzhen Airlines is state-owned enterprise,which is stable and sustainably developing. Now it seems we made a right choice indeed.”
colorful life through his black-and-white pictures
Ismael likes to make a record of every happy moment in life through his lens, especially the white-and-black lens. He traveled around South America and Europe with his wife and daughter. From his lens, we can see the colorful smile on their face.
Ismael’s beautiful wife Maria de la Paz is also from Spain, who is in hot figure and has very good temperament. Compare to the old pictures of her, she looks much younger than before as if the time flow back, it may have something to do with the healthy food, regular workouts and happy life in Shenzhen. Maria is eager for approaching Chinese culture and making Chinese friends, so she bikes to attend Chinese classes every week. Though the most difficult four tones in Chinese learning made her a little headache every time, it is not hard to see the happiness and fulfilling through her eyes and smile. She loves Chinese food and good at cooking as well. They use to have lunch in Chinese restaurants every day. She can make dumplings and noodles, even creatively made dumplings with beef, chicken and cheese, which is a perfect integration of Food culture in Chinese and western. 
Their adorable daughter Paz inherited her mom’s beautiful gene, has an endearing face, bright eyes and curly brown hair. She is also learning Chinese in kindergarten, she even sang a famous Chinese song “ Mo Li Hua” for us when we were doing the interview, which reminded us of the scene that Celine Dion sang “ Mo Li Hua” on this year’s Spring Festival Gala. Paz was a little shy when she danced and just like a Mo Li Hua in bud.
Everything is fresh
They felt everything is so novelty when just came to China. They saw the fish were jumping on the market slippery floor, which no wonder a shaking scene as they uesed to buy cut and stingless fish in their own country, but now Maria likes to buy the vegetables, fish and all the other stuff there, she says it is interesting and it helps her get close to the culture and people here. Another impressive thing is the first time when they saw four people riding on one motorbike, rapidly passing from their side. They thought the people must be crazy! But now, they had been a member of the riding group also, three people ride on one motorbike to go around Shekou, Maria thinks it is pretty funny and exciting!
They rented an apartment in Shekou, which was designed on their own. They bought all the furnitures ranging from tables, beds, sofa, Chinese classic carved screens to pink candles and fragrant lilies, every decration made there house elegant and romantic. Unlike some other houses with many enclosed rooms, their apartment is very open, “We love this kind of connected design, though I’m in the stady I can see my wife busy preparing dinner in the kitchen and daughter palying in the living room. It makes us close to each other, and more convenient for us to communicate.
The staff of FRI asked how long did they plan to stay in China, Ismael and his wife looked at each other and said:”as long as possible, it would be best to stay till I retire.”We can imagin that 10 years later, from the lens a couple walking along the Shenzhen Bay hand in hand with their beautiful 16 year-old girl, the setting sun reddened the whole sky. 
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