Foreign Pilot Recommendation Reward


To solve the bottleneck problem of pilot resources, recruitment of foreign pilots remains an urgent task. To make full use of social connections and interpersonal relationship, Flightcrew Resources International Limited (FRI) initiates a project named “Foreign Pilot Recommendation Reward”.

Project Duration:


Jan.1, 2011-Dec.31, 2011

Mode and Regulations:

1)    If the reference recommends a foreign pilot to Shenzhen Airlines through FRI and this recommended pilot signs contract with FRI, the reference shall be rewarded USD$1500 (net).

2)    Recommended pilot shall fill out the Pilot Application Form and mark the name of the reference (one only). Either the reference or the applicant shall send the form back to FRI via email, and FRI will contact the applicant soon.

3)    The reference shall be rewarded on the 15th day of the month following the month the recommended pilot successfully signs the contract with FRI. For example, the recommended pilot signs the contract with FRI on Jan.1st, 2011, and the reference will be rewarded on Feb.15th, 2011.

4)    The reference shall be identified by the “Recommendation (Who recommends you)” as shown on the application Form. If one pilot is recommended by two or more references, FRI shall identify the first in time order. No repeated recommendation shall be rewarded.

5)    Flightcrew Resources International reserves the final interpretation right of this project.




1)   Download the Pilot Application Form

2)   Fillin and send back to Echo Chen:


If you have any questions, please contact:


Echo Chen

Recruitment Consultant

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