Five Foreign pilots represented Shenzhen Airlines to participate in “The Seventh Returnee Cup of Tennis Tournament” in Shenzhen

 “The Seventh Returnee Cup of Tennis Tournament”, jointly organized by the ministry of human resources and social security bureau of Shenzhen and Shenzhen administration of foreign expert affairs, was held on November 15th 2014, at the tennis center of Shenzhen Bay stadium. 5 foreign captains represented Shenzhen Airlines to have participated in this competition. They are captain Fabio Matos and captain Guido Jannuzzi who are from Brazil, captain Andrei Bita who is from Romania, captain Valentini Domizio who is from Italy and captain Benoit Mathelier who is from Belgium. They all liked Tennis very much and what’s more, captain Fabio was born in a tennis player family, he almost to be a professional tennis player at his youth. In addition, Captain Andrei Bita just finished his flight on 2:00am because of the delay, after only few hours of rest he came to Shenzhen Bay stadium with his girlfriend.


Meanwhile, the secretary of Boeing 737 Dept. in Shenzhen Airlines Liu Changxu and the vice-squadron leader of foreign subsection of Boeing 737 Dept. Cao Lihua also presented at this Tennis Tournament, to cheer for our foreign captains.


As the rule of this Tennis Tournament was double play, 5 foreign captains from Shenzhen Airlines combined with another teacher in Shenzhen University composed to be “United team of Shenzhen Airlines and Shenzhen University”.


Except for United team of Shenzhen Airlines and Shenzhen University, 12 other teams of returnees or foreign experts such as Hua Wei, South University of Science and Technology of China(SUSTC), Luo Hu District, Shenzhen International school, ect., had also participated in this tennis contend.


Miss Huang, the responsible person of this Tennis Tournament in Shenzhen administration of foreign expert affairs said: Shenzhen is one of the cities in China which owned the biggest group of returnees and foreign experts; we hope this tennis Tournament can enrich the life for foreign experts and build a bridge of communication and cooperation for overseas talents in Shenzhen.


During the break of competition, captain Fabio’s two sons came to tennis court, 5 year-old Lucas and 3 year-old Cauan. They were happily taught how to serve a ball by their father on the ground.


After few hours of Fierce competition, United team of Shenzhen Airlines and Shenzhen University defeat Hua Wei representative team and got the 3rd prize in the group tournament, but it is a pity that we didn’t enter the final competition. “We are sorry to lose the tournament. It was because we didn’t get to know with the rule very well beforehand. We believe that we can win the game on next year! But anyway, it’s a very nice day today! The most important thing is not to win but to participate in!”

(foreign captains from Shenzhen Airlines) 

(Captain Andrei Bita)

(United team of Shenzhen Airlines and Shenzhen University)

(Captain Fabio and Guido)

(Captain Fabio's cute sons)


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